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Davy Jones Dead at 66: Singer of 'The Monkees' had ties to Pennsylvania

It was September of 1987 and The Monkees

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Murder At Mount Hope Mansion is an interactive culinary Who-Done-It!

The Mount Hope Murder Mystery Dinner  theatre was a clever and spooky night!

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Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Rights Battle: Scott Walker and Teachers Unions Need Common Sense Solutions

Spearheaded by the budget fight in Wisconsin made by Republican governor Scott Walker and teachers unions, the past few weeks have seen massive media attention paid to teachers unions and how they affect sta

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Slice of Suburbia: Collegeville

Collegeville is a borough in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 30 miles northwest of Philadelphia on the Perkiomen Creek. Collegeville was incorporated in 1896. It is the seat of Ursinus College, which opened in 1869. 

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Sports Gambling a Smart Bet for New Jersey and Pennsylvania

The unemployment rate in our country has reached a 30-year high of 9.7%. According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Statistics, Pennsylvania has reached a rate of 8.5% and New Jersey has actually hovered just below the national average at 9.6%. With the Atlantic City casino industry not thriving the way it used to, local citizens in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas have been victimized by mass casino layoffs and have felt the sting of a faltering U.S. economy.

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Why Pennsylvania No Longer Swings

Until 1980, conventional twentieth century political thinking postulated that four states pretty much decided national elections. Those states were Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Florida. These states were large, powerful, balanced between the two political parties, and always in play. They were swing states. Last fall's election saw the advent of other states as swing states. Florida and Ohio hold over from the old list. Colorado, Missouri, Virginia, and North Carolina were added as crucial players in Barak Obama's victory. What happened to Michigan and Pennsylvania?

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Little Warren Makes Big News

Warren Pennsylvania is close to the Allegheny National Forest in the far northwest corner of the state. Erie is the closest “large” town. From Warren it's about the same distance to Cleveland as it is to Pittsburgh.

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