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Pete Rose


Pete Rose Hall of Fame debate still rages on 25 years later

It’s been almost 25 years since his lifetime ban from Major League Baseball, but

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Is Carlos Ruiz finished? Be careful: Phillies once thought the same about Bob Boone

With just weeks left until the Major League Baseball trade deadline, it’s not surprise that several

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30 years later, Ryne Sandberg trade still Phillies' All-Time worst

It’s 30 years to the day.  The worst trade the Philadelphia Phillies ever made.

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Phillies’ ticket sales make you realize how great things are, and how BAD they used to be


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Playboy Playmate Kiana Kim is getting all she can out of Pete Rose

Pete Rose  has done it again.

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The Difference Between Pete Rose and Charlie Hustle

Pete Rose had two lives. One as a man who got the most hits in baseball history. The other was as a gambler who disgraced his reputation.

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Does Phillies third NL East Title make this the franchise's golden era?

Wow, what a difference three days makes. 

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Mixed Emotions: The Continuing Story of Pete Rose

In the thirty one years of my existence, I've met my share of actors, rock stars, television personalities, athletes and even a president. I'm lucky to say that most of them have been very courteous, if not gracious. In saying that, there's always one bad apple out of every good bunch that spoils things for everyone. Lenny Dykstra wasn't the most pleasant guy during my bat boy days, and former 76ers "guard" Greg Graham was so pathetic he doesn't even count. As a result, my bad apple gets the nod over the "poser" of a hoops star and the now bankrupt "Dude." And the winner is...........

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