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Philadelphia Tea Party protest


Sarah Palin and the racist Tea Party Movement vs. Obama and Democracy

Sarah Palin and The Tea Party movement are making many headlines these days as they fortify their position as the key opposition against

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Your Center-Left Columnist Responds To His Readers

I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this. And I don’t know if it’s going to be a regular thing. But, for now, I'm writing a “Reader Response” article. The reason: Because I can. I’ve received a few comments below some of my articles which have been extremely in depth and well-researched, and I believe these commenter(s) deserve a rebuttal.

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The Tea Parties

Conservative columnist Herb Denenberg spoke to a camera at the Philadelphia Tea Party protest this July fourth. A video of his rant is posted on YouTube. Wearing a hat of The Bulletin (which, it was announced on Saturday, will re-launch on August 2), he says, “We’re tired of the mainstream media which hasn’t told you that Obama is a world class phony, fraud, liar, faker, hypocrite, and he hates America.”

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