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Phillies PA Announcer Dan Baker reflects on Robin Roberts

Philadelphia Phillies Public Address Announcer and broadcasting legend Dan Baker sat down with Philly2Philly this past weekend to discuss the passing of his boyhood idol, Robin Roberts. Philly2Philly: I would imagine the news this week about the passing of Robin Roberts hit you pretty hard.

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Tiger Woods: Nike Commerical and Masters Circus all the talk

As Tiger Woods gets ready to tee off for the 2010 Masters Tournament today, all eyes are upon him.  He's all the talk today and a bigger topic of conversation than President Obama, Donovan McNabb,

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Did the Eagles have to cut Brian Westbrook the day when Phillies' Spring Training starts?

Couldn't this have been done tomorrow?

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Phillies tickets are the hottest game in town

With the swarming crowds at Citizens Bank Park this morning on hand for Phillies single game tickets, I think it's truly safe to say that Philadelphia has officially become a baseball town, and that Phillies fever is in full effect.

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Brad Lidge Comes Through as Phillies edge Rockies in NLDS Classic

In case you are one of the ones who didn't have Columbus Day off and couldn't stay up for the Phillies game this morning............ The Phillies won! And they won in a way that the entire Delaware Valley thought we would lose: with Brad Lidge on the mound. It's never easy with Lidge, but this morning he closed out the 6-5 win as Troy Tulowitzski flied out with the winning runs on base.

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Hamels and Phillies can't stop Rockies in Game Two of NLDS

Cole Hamels has been unreliable for the better part of this season. Thursday was no exception. Hamels was far from his postseason form of 2008, allowing four earned runs as the Rockies tied the series at one game a piece in Game Two of the 2009 NLDS. Hamels constant inability to close middle innings of a game was further demonstrated after surrendering a two-out, two-run home run to Yorvit Torrealba in the top of the fourth. It was Torrealba's first home run since (gulp).........May.

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Brett Myers Closing? Now THAT'S Ironic

It was late May of 1993 and I was wrapping up my Freshman year in high school. As my dad picked me up from school one afternoon, local sports talk radio was bombarded with calls concerning the previous night's Phillies game. A game that Mitch Williams handed to the Mets after Danny Jackson pitched eight masterful innings.

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Ruben finds his dance partner

While fans in the region are still getting over the Roy Halladay fiasco, we do have a pretty damn good player coming instead.

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At what point did it become acceptable to be a drunken idiot at Citizens Bank Park? While I think the season with the ill-advised college nights teamed with dollar dogs was a bad idea that was stopped after one season, that didn’t spawn this behavior. The park started as a great, beautiful park that you could take a family to and have a good time. In the past couple of seasons, it has become more and more like a frat party.

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