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Philly.com attempting to shutdown Philly2Philly.com

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Philadelphia Daily News’ Stan Hochman Review’s Philly2Philly’s “A Snowball’s Chance”

Stan Hochman is widely regarded as one of the best spots writers ever in city of Philadelphia. So when he gave a great review of Philly2Philly’s new book “A Snowball’s Chance,” needless to say we were ecstatic!

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Davy Jones Dead at 66: Singer of 'The Monkees' had ties to Pennsylvania

It was September of 1987 and The Monkees

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Women’s Expo Showcases in the Philadelphia Area

Just in time to liven up fall, comes the Women’s Expo in Oaks! I had a great time at this event, and so did just about everyone I spoke to or passed by. Makeup, spa, tools, jewelry, purses, scarves, teeshirts, gourmet foodstuffs, chocolates, outdoor items and décor were all on display. The Women’s Expo really touched on what women want to see and enjoy, as well as much-needed tools to run their lives.

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Let the Bidding Begin! Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News Auction Starts Today

As of 3:45 AM the auction for the ownership of Philadelphia Newspapers (Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and Philly.com) began

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Philadelphia Newspapers are Bankrupt- Now What?

The following article is an opinion piece. Although approved by the management of Philly2Philly.com, it does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the management, employees, or founders of Philly2Philly.com   Brian Tierney is desperate.

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