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Pink Floyd


Trans-Siberian Orchestra Rocks Beethoven at the Tower

Trans-Siberian Orchestra's inaugural live performance, at the Tower Theatre, of "Beethoven's Last Night“ --last night on earth-- combines what happened with what might have happened; the story revolves around the

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Philly2Philly Music Profile: The Bad Rabbits (With a Philly Tweet)

The Bad Rabbits  are five guys from Boston who’ve been playing their own blend of pop for the better part of two years – a genre they’re calling “New Crack Swing.” The guys began back in 2005 as a co-ed “collective” of hip hop and indie rock under a different moniker.

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Philadelphia Music Group Bells Bells Bells talks with Philly2Philly

If you were to ask ten prog-rock acts what prog-rock means, they’d probably give you ten unique answers. So, with that in mind, I’m having trouble figuring out how to describe the sound of local (progressive rock) outfit Bells Bells Bells.

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CD review - 11:11, Rodrigo y Gabriela

While video-game junkies worship the six-string shredding of false idols, real guitar purists can embrace an unlikely pair of heroes in Rodrigo y Gabriela, an acoustic instrumental duo from Mexico that combines spicy Spanish melodies with the raw power of thrash-metal.

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The Josh and Pete Band

Part Pink Floyd, part the Beatles, part weirdness, The Josh and Pete Band have been rocking Philly’s local scene since 2007 and having the time of their lives doing it. Their story starts in Cheltenham, PA, where members Josh Band, Pete Band, and King Alon (yeah) attended school together, learning various instruments when their eyes weren’t glued to the Nickelodeon TV show, “Doug”.

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