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president obama


Penn State Alum Michael Robinson To Host Benefit for 'Excel to Excellence'; Speaks With Philly2Philly

Former Penn State football star Michael Robinson enjoys helping people.

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All President Obama can do is light candles for Sandy Hook victims?

I am mad today.  

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President Obama's lie mild compared to lies of past presidents

“All my life I”ve known better than to depend on the experts. How could I have been so stupid, to let them go ahead?”  

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Government Shutdown making United States lose credibility

Normal In the Intervals : The Government Shutdown

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President Obama's Trayvon Martin comments criticized by an unlikely source

The controversy surrounding the

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President Obama's Idea of Immigration Reform Doesn't Address Border Control

If I ran into President Barack Obama and we discussed Immigration Reform

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Eagles throttled by Saints: The Morning After

Good morning campers, 

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President Obama Shouldn't Get a Free Pass on Election Day Because of Hurricane Sandy

As many continue to sort through the debris and destruction of Hurricane Sandy, the Presidential election carries on.

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Why President Obama Got Thumped By Mitt Romney in Wednesday's Debate

Why Obama Got Thumped

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