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Philly2Philly Music Profile: The Bad Rabbits (With a Philly Tweet)

The Bad Rabbits  are five guys from Boston who’ve been playing their own blend of pop for the better part of two years – a genre they’re calling “New Crack Swing.” The guys began back in 2005 as a co-ed “collective” of hip hop and indie rock under a different moniker.

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Girls Rock Philly

Open the door to a school building during the month of August and instead of hearing silence and a few eager teachers buzzing about, the echo of a chorus of drums fills the hallways. The entrancing beat grew louder as I neared a classroom, and I turned the corner to see a room full of young girls passionately drumming along to a rock song barely audible over the speakers.

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The Music of Diane Birch

On the surface, Diane Birch’s story doesn’t seem that unique. The daughter of loving parents, she took up an instrument at the age of seven, rebelled during her teenage years, then crossed states in her early twenties, in search of a dream.

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