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Real Estate


How To Increase The Value Of Your Philadelphia Real Estate

You probably know this, but

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5 Common Real Estate Myths that Plague Buyers

The real estate market is one of the most dynamic and complicated sectors of the economy.  

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Dig Into Real Estate for 2012: High Unemployment, Foreclosures, & Poor Economy Bring Opportunity in the Housing Market

Will Rogers is known for his quote: “Buy land, they’re not making it any more…”.  A generation or two later, it proves to be as true as ever.

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Yale’s Shiller on Real Estate

The August issue of Fortune magazine has an article on Robert Shiller the Yale economist who called both the late 1990’s stock market bubble and the real estate bubble. He warned about the real estate bubble in 2003, a full three years before market turned down. I have a saying that I formulated after the stock market crash in 1987: Every market has a guru and every guru is eventually discredited. Clearly, Professor Shiller is the guru of the moment. And while he may be discredited at some time in the future, right now his views carry a lot of weight.

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