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reggie brown


The Morning After: Eagles beat the Giants in a classic

Morning campers, I know you’re shocked and saddened that it appears that the Dallas December swoon is in full bloom again. It really is quite alarming considering the former NASA engineer/Mensa president they have coaching them.

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The Morning After: Eagles lose to the Chargers

Morning campers, The good news I’m feeling much better this week and as such am not on any pharmaceuticals. The bad news is I’m feeling much better and as such am not on any pharmaceuticals, meaning I had to endure yesterday’s game au-naturale… Man, could I have used some ‘Tussin yesterday…

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Eagles trying to trade Reggie Brown?

If, and when, the Eagles release wide receiver Reggie Brown, they may see him again. Actually twice a season. Two NFC East rivals, Washington and Dallas could be interested in Brown, if the Eagles let him go. That might be one of the reasons the team has held on to him and is trying to facilitate a trade elsewhere. That's the way The Eye sees it.

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The Eagles will need to get a veteran tight end

With the injury to rookie tight end Cornelius Ingram, the Eagles will now have to go after a veteran tight end to fill the back-up role. Although this likely means Ingram will become a project (injuring the same knee twice is never a good thing) the Eagles have some chips to make this happen.  They are heavy at cornerback and wide receiver and could move either Ellis Hobbs, Hank Baskett, or Reggie Brown to get it done. Some possibilities include St. Louis Rams tight end Randy McMichael, who has lost much of the luster from his glory days in Miami. 

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Get these questions right and the Eagles can go a long way

By the end of the week the Eagles will have their full team at Lehigh University, for the first time in 14 years that will not include Brian Dawkins and for the first time in 10 years Jim Johnson. Replacing both the heart and the brains of the defense are just two of the questions the team must answer during their short stay in Bethlehem this summer before camp reconvenes at the NovaCare Complex. Here are a few more that need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

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