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‘Ocean’s 8’ reenergizes the series with plenty of girl power

Sandra Bullock

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Joel Embiid is Sixers' best draft pick in years for many reasons

It has been close to 20 years since the

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Rihanna & Chris Brown break up again, 'MTV’s Teen Mom' a Porn Star, Kid Rock's $20 tickets

Rihanna & Chris Brown break up again

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Lady Gaga caught naked on Thanksgiving, Kim Kardashian is most searched celebrity, 'Boy Meets World' spin-off to air

Lady Gaga Caught Naked on Thanksgiving By Fans Hiding in Her Garage

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Rihanna and Chris Brown Back Together? Adele's Father Betrays Her, and 'Glee' Summer Tour Scrapped

Rihanna and Chris Brown Back Together?

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Chris Brown Flips On Good Morning America, Japan Earthquake Benefit Album, Hobbit Movies, and Sammy Hagar Alien Abduction Claim

Chris Brown’s Violent Freak-out After Good Morning America Interview

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Where the Heart Is- A look into the homeless of Philadelphia. Part Three

By request, some of the names and locations in this article have been concealed. A close friend once taught me a religious story about the power of giving.   

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Hot Hairstyles

As women, our daily routine can be so hectic!  I can bet that the last thing you want to do is spend ample amounts of time doing your hair. Am I right? We would rather wash it and go or even wake-up and go!  Well, I have some hairstyle solutions that will prevent all this hair fuss!  These styles are easy-to-do and get this, they are the styles of summer—the “hot hairstyles!”  Oh, and did I mention that these styles are not just for a spicy night out or a day at the beach, but yes my dear, they can be worn at the office too!

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