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robin roberts


Robin Roberts: Phillies Throwback Thursday Jersey of the Week!

Robin Roberts

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Which 2008 Phillies should make the team's Wall of Fame?

The induction of former Phillies

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Phillies PA Announcer Dan Baker reflects on Robin Roberts

Philadelphia Phillies Public Address Announcer and broadcasting legend Dan Baker sat down with Philly2Philly this past weekend to discuss the passing of his boyhood idol, Robin Roberts. Philly2Philly: I would imagine the news this week about the passing of Robin Roberts hit you pretty hard.

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Robin Roberts Dies at 83: Best Phillies Pitcher ever?

Philadelphia Phillies pitching great Robin Roberts passed away at age 83 on Thursday at his home.  Roberts will be known forever as one of the top two pitchers in franchise history.  Steve Carlton is the clear-cut #1, but Roberts is a close #2 and there are arguments that can be made as to why Robin Roberts may be the best pitcher in Phillies franchise history.

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The All-Time Phillies Team

With the All-Star break now upon us, I thought it was now time to compile "The List". This list is for the longest standing single name team in baseball, a team that for incredible stretches has shattered dreams and expectations. And, many fans never got to see this team win a pennant much less 60 games. So while having a rich history is a great thing, it is also dubious in what it reveals about the team.

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