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samuel dalembert


Bedtime Stories Partners With Samuel Dalembert Foundation to Raise Money For Haiti Relief Effort

The world has watched in sadness as the images and news reports from Haiti have unfortunately rolled in. It is an island and nation in desperate help and need.

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Say goodbye to the 2000's-The 2010 New Year is here

Alas, the wretched decade of the 2000's is history. The 2010 New Year is here. The 00's were a decade unlike any other in our nation's history. We witnessed the end of our freedom as we know it on September 11, 2001. We witnessed two recessions, including the worst one since the Great Depression.

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From Roy Halladay, to McNabb and Andy Reid- Five Philly Sports topics that just won't die

Are you getting sick and tired of hearing about the same nonsense day after day on local sports radio about what our sports teams should or shouldn't be doing to improve their team?  Some of these topics need to be addressed, so it's really nobody's fault in particular. They make for good conversation and at times even spark a little controversy. Unfortunately, many of them have been rehashed over and over for years and even decades. Some are more recent, but nonetheless still sound like a broken record.

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Sixers Off-Season Ramblings

First and foremost I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer. Over the past couple weeks during the Sixers off-season, there have been a couple things I’ve been wanting to get off my chest. ANDRE MILLER: DOES HE STAY OR DOES HE GO?

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