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san fransisco giants


No Carlos Beltran For Phillies, Albert Haynesworth Traded To Patriots, and Kevin Kolb Trade Imminent

The Omelette Thursday July 28, 2011 No Carlos Beltran For the Phillies

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Are the 2010 San Francisco Giants baseball's All-Time WORST World Champion?

I know, I know. I'm writing this as a still-bitter Phillies fan who feels that WE

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Looking for a Sure Thing? Jayson Werth is Outta Here

It’s hard to believe that more than a week has passed since the Phillies’ plans for a baseball dynasty were so rudely interrupted by the San Francisco Giants.<

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Sunday Omelette: Happy Halloween, Rally to Restore Sanity, early start for World Series Game 3, and Time Change Fall 2010

The Omelette October 31, 2010: Weekend Roundup Happy Halloween Everyone! Today of course, is Halloween. With no Eagles game (bye week) and no Phillies game (ugh), you moms and dads out there can get the head start on trick or treat times in the early afternoon. If by some strange chance you don't have a costume yet, check out Kristen Hagopian's article HERE!

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NLCS Loss to Giants Changes Phillies’ Image Overnight

Those who follow baseball have often heard the parallels that are drawn between our national pastime and real life.

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Phillies embarrass themselves as Giants win the pennant on their home field

Somewhere, the Philadelphia Eagles' brain trust is probably popping champagne.

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