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Sarah Palin


Politics 2014: Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Torture Report, and more

Okay. It’s over.  

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Paul Ryan Vs. Joe Biden: There is No Comparison

The great majority of vice-presidents have been famously insignificant—unless, of course, their boss dies or resigns, and they get to move into the Oval Office.

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It's Time To Rally Around Mitt Romney Against President Barack Obama

With the announcement of the

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Susan G. Komen Reverses Decision on Planned Parenthood By Karen Handel and Super Bowl 2012 Giants-Patriots Rematch

The Omelette Saturday February 4, 2012 Susan G. Komen Reverses Decision to Pull Funding for Planned Parenthood

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Chris Christie's Presidential Run: The Man of the Hour Won't Run So Stop Asking

Upon assuming office January 1, 2010, Governor Chris Christie catapulted to the top of national headlines.

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Ron Paul's 2012 Run For President: Why the Media Should Stop Ignoring Him

Why the Media Should Stop Ignoring Ron Paul.

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The 2011 Debt Ceiling Debate: Why It's About 2012 For President Obama

Debt Ceiling Debate: Why it is all about 2012 and Six Other Things You Need To Know.

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Why Michele Bachmann Could Challenge Barack Obama In 2012

Who says debates don't matter?

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