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scott eyre


Philly2Philly NLCS Preview of the Phillies vs Dodgers

For the second straight year, the Los Angeles Dodgers stand in the Phillies way of a trip to the World Series. Let's break down the keys to the Phillies sending the Dodgers home again. Cole Hamels MUST be the old Cole Hamels:

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Brad Lidge Comes Through as Phillies edge Rockies in NLDS Classic

In case you are one of the ones who didn't have Columbus Day off and couldn't stay up for the Phillies game this morning............ The Phillies won! And they won in a way that the entire Delaware Valley thought we would lose: with Brad Lidge on the mound. It's never easy with Lidge, but this morning he closed out the 6-5 win as Troy Tulowitzski flied out with the winning runs on base.

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Who will or won't make the Phillies NLDS Postseason Roster?

With the Phillies concluding their regular season this afternoon with a thrilling 7-6 victory over the Florida Marlins, it became obvious to all that Charlie Manuel has some big decisions to make regarding his 2009 NLDS Postseason Roster, which is to be submitted to Major League Baseball by 10 am Wednesday morning. While some roster spots are no-brainers, some decisions are going to take more time than others. Here are some questions the Phillies will have to address as well as who should and who shouldn't be part of the Fightins postseason plans. Let's start with the questions.

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Phillies can't go from champs to chokers

Can you imagine the possible headlines the morning after baseball's regular season comes to a close next week:  "WORLD CHAMPS to WORLD CHUMPS" Yes, bad thoughts always seem to creep back into the minds of Philadelphia Phillies fans right around this time of the year when the team appears poised to make another post season.

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Phillies Magic Number is Really One

Everyone keeps talking about the magic number for the Phillies to clinch their third consecutive division title.

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