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Chase Utley and Jennifer Utley promote proper care and treatment of animals at Anna B. Pratt Elementary School

When Chase Utley and his wife Jennifer arrived at Philadelphia’s Anna B. Pratt

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Former Governor Ed Rendell Supports Program, Which Matches Animals with Prisoners

How often have you seen a stray animal in your neighborhood, or have almost hit one while driving?  Some of these animals are rescued and become pets in people's homes, while others are at least taken to a shelter.  But what happens to those lost souls who don't make it to either place? 

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50 Chihuahuas Seized in South Philly Home Make For Latest in Many Animal Hoarding Cases

50 Chihuahuas were seized from a home in Philadelphia, making it the second case of animal hoarding in as many days.

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Michael Vick debuted last night and so did SPCA

Last night, August 27th, marked the first official season game for the Eagles since the controversial signing of Michael Vick, convicted for various dog-fighting felonies.  Picketers were organized in South Philly’s Lincoln Financial Field, both supporting and disputing the recently contracted quarterback. 

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