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st. louis cardinals


Analyzing the 2012 Phillies’ Wild Card Chances

Lately, it seems that everyone who writes about the Phillies has posted their own version of a “Will the Phillies be Buyers or Sellers at the Trade Deadline?” article.

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Why Phillies fans can still have faith in 2012

Being a Phillies fan hasn’t been easy this year.  We have suffered about as much as the fan base of a .500 baseball team can suffer.

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St. Louis Cardinals Rally Squirrel For Sale on Ebay From Philly2Philly.com

  Get a chance to win the St. Louis Cardinals' Rally Squirrel

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Cardinals ruin Blanton's return as Phillies' weaknesses are again exposed

The Phillies started another series this week against a true contender that runs the risk of dethroning them as the class of the National League.

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Six points of observation from the Phillies vs. Mets series

With Friday's 9-1 Mets victory and Saturday's 10-0 Phillies victory, the best word to describe the first two games of this weekend series between the division rivals would probably be "lopsided." Despite the respective blowouts in the first two games, much can be gathered from an observational standpoint as far as the two teams are concerned.

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Phillies Magic Number is Really One

Everyone keeps talking about the magic number for the Phillies to clinch their third consecutive division title.

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Phillies Chances of Repeating Unlikely

When people laugh at my concerns regarding the Phillies these days, they call me crazy. I beg to differ. Watching almost every Phillies game since 1985-86 will give you an insight that casual Phillies fans can't and won't understand.

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At what point did it become acceptable to be a drunken idiot at Citizens Bank Park? While I think the season with the ill-advised college nights teamed with dollar dogs was a bad idea that was stopped after one season, that didn’t spawn this behavior. The park started as a great, beautiful park that you could take a family to and have a good time. In the past couple of seasons, it has become more and more like a frat party.

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