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super bowl XLIV


Peyton Manning still not in Donovan McNabb's company despite Super Bowl choke job

Peyton Manning has been getting killed the past few days over his Super Bowl choke job in Super Bowl XLIV against Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.

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Another year and another Super Bowl champion not named the Eagles

When Tracey Porter  intercepted Peyton Manning  and returned it for a touchdown to seal the New Orleans Saints  win in Super Bowl XLIV, it made it 22 different teams

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The Super Bowl isn't only about partying, for others it's about betting and gambling addiction

So here we are on the day of the Super Bowl.  With all the glitz and glamour and the two-week build-up to the biggest sporting event of the year, we associate it with fun. Millions of Americans devote parties to the Super Bowl.

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Tim Tebow's Super Bowl Ad divides NFL fans

The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily represent everyone from Philly2Philly.com There is that old adage that you don't discuss two things in the workplace or in a bar-politics and religion.

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If you're betting on the Super Bowl, then bet on Peyton Manning and take the Colts

Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints Sunday, February 7, 6:25PM ESTTotal Offense Regular Season RankingsColts - 9thSaints - 1st Total Defense Regular Season RankingsColts - 18thSaints - 25th 

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Frank LeMaster’s Top Ten List of Goals the Eagles Must Achieve To Get to the Super Bowl

As a fan of David Letterman for many years I especially enjoy his Top Ten List. As a big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles I thought I would jot down my Top Ten List of goals the Eagles must achieve to get to the Super Bowl XLIV. Hope you enjoy it! Frank LeMaster’s Top Ten List of Goals the Eagles Must Achieve To Get to the Super Bowl

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