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Taylor Swift


Who should be the REAL Role Models for our children?

Recently, my almost Kindergartener was on a mission with her friend, sharing an electronic tablet that played

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Lady Gaga's Philly show cancelled? Taylor Swift & Carrie Underwood feuding? and more!

Lady Gaga’s Philly show cancelled? 

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Taylor Swift talks past relationships, Ice-T not happy with wife Coco, Notorious B.I.G. death details

Taylor Swift Discusses Past Relationships

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Lady Gaga caught naked on Thanksgiving, Kim Kardashian is most searched celebrity, 'Boy Meets World' spin-off to air

Lady Gaga Caught Naked on Thanksgiving By Fans Hiding in Her Garage

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Jennifer Aniston Engaged to Justin Theroux, 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Merchandise, Taylor Swift's New Album

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Get Engaged

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Justin Bieber Asked to Prom By South Jersey Teenager: But Is It a Date?

You may have heard that a high school junior recently asked Justin Bieber to attend the prom.

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The new Seafood Shanty and other reasons you should make day trips to Reading, PA

Warm weather, open road, top down – all before scoffing down some Cape Cod-style seafood to boast about.

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Kanye West Gets Exploited By NBC and Matt Lauer Over George Bush and Taylor Swift Moments

NBC had a plan in store when they had Kanye West on the Today Show with Matt Lauer to address comments by President Bush from the interview on Sunday Night. 

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