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terror alert


9/11: What followed and how it shaped us 12 years later

Just about 12 hours earlier on September 10th, 2001, I was at the old Vallee and Bowe Cadillac dealership in Woodbury, New Jersey, helping a couple take delivery of their brand new Oldsmobile Alero as the nine o’clock hour (ie: closing time) drew close

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Tom Ridge’s Unfortunate Revelation

In a January 2008 op/ed for the Philadelphia Daily News, I wrote, regarding the Bush Administration’s seeming bloodlust for war with Iran: “Bush also hasn’t been shy about using the Iraq War to attempt to form what Karl Rove once called “the permanent Republican majority.” Back in 2004, terror alerts were escalated when Democratic candidate John Kerry was up in the polls, and key votes on war legislation was put before Congress in time for midterm elections.”

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