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9/11: What followed and how it shaped us 12 years later

Just about 12 hours earlier on September 10th, 2001, I was at the old Vallee and Bowe Cadillac dealership in Woodbury, New Jersey, helping a couple take delivery of their brand new Oldsmobile Alero as the nine o’clock hour (ie: closing time) drew close

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Boston Marathon bombings remind us that terrorism is alive and all too well

Boston police have finally hunted down

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Norway Attacks and Camp Shootings: Is Anders Behring Breivik a Christian Terrorist?

Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik was

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Is Bill O'Reilly Correct About A Global Muslim Problem?

Last October, Fox News TV political commentator Bill O’Reilly appeared on the show The View and stated that Muslims attacked America on 9/11. Outraged, the liberals Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walked out of the discussion in protest.

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President Obama's Failed BP Oil Spill Response Caused By His Political Agenda

Guess what Senator Barbara Boxer (D, California) identified as the greatest threat to our military? If you guessed the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, you'd be wrong. What about the Taliban in Pakistan? No. Al Qaeda? Nope. How about a nuclear-armed Iran, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or maybe North Korea? No, no and no again. Home-grown terrorism? Unh-unh. No, according to Senator Box, the greatest threat to our military is - carbon dioxide. Honestly, you have to watch the Youtube video to believe it, but that's what she says. With conviction.

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Car Bomb In Times Square Brings Terrorism Back To Forefront Of National Discussion

A car bomb discovered last night in Times Square, prompted an evacuation of the entire area and surrounding streets around 6:30 PM last night.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg went on record to say, "We are lucky." According to The New York Times, "A large swath of Midtown — from 43rd Street to 48t

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Betting Against America

Something gross is happening on the right. After eight years of referring to critics as the “Party of Defeat”, “Anti-American”, and whatever else, it seems many of them just don’t think they can possibly be guilty of the same thing.

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