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The Fire


Q and A With The Spotted Atrocious

“Living in the dorms together for our first two years at West Chester University, we couldn't just sit still - we had to keep writing and creating,” says Ryan Warfield, singer and guitarist for local five-piece pop rock band, The Spotted Atrocious.

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South Philadelphia Artist Peter Pagast's Noam Chomsky Mural

The side of a row home on the 3000 block of Ridge Avenue in North Philly adorns a mural of a young Malcolm X. Next to X reads a quote: “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” So, it would seem, with that in mind, South Philly mural artist Peter Pagast  has been on a 4-year mission to put up his own mural. Pagast’s would be of linguist, self-proclaimed libertarian socialist, and Philadelphia native, Noam Chomsky.

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The Josh and Pete Band

Part Pink Floyd, part the Beatles, part weirdness, The Josh and Pete Band have been rocking Philly’s local scene since 2007 and having the time of their lives doing it. Their story starts in Cheltenham, PA, where members Josh Band, Pete Band, and King Alon (yeah) attended school together, learning various instruments when their eyes weren’t glued to the Nickelodeon TV show, “Doug”.

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