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Fashion Do's and Don'ts for Women's Gym Wear: Philly Fashionistas

Philly Fashionistas with Biana DeMarco

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New Big Ten Logo Rivals Gap For Worst Logo Change Ever

When is the last time a corporation or other entity made a good choice when changing their logo? It's been quite some time.

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The Met Ball 2010

Behind the Fashion: What Is the Met Ball, Really?  I’m sure you’ve heard about it. You’ve heard the comments, “Oh my god, did you see her outfit at the Met Ball this year?” and “Why was he on the red carpet? Does he think he’s famous or something?”  But what is the Met Ball, really? Is it just a glamorous costume party or is there more to it than that? 

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Fall Fashion Alert

As the late and great MJ put it, “Never Can Say Goodbye.” But Philadelphia, we must say farewell to Summer. I know it’s still hot, pools are open and ladies are rocking the gladiator sandals. But soon and very soon leaves will start to fall and a new season will emerge. That’s right, I’m talking about harvest time: Fall! So, it’s time to stop thinking about those open-toe shoes and start thinking about that red, orange and brown time! I’m here to get you ready! I’ve got seven of the best fall fashion trends!

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