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President Obama Defeats Mitt Romney: Now the Post-Election Blame Game

On Tuesday, Americans saw President Barack Obama voted into a second term at 11:30pm, much quicker than the media had predicted.

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Why President Obama Lost to Mitt Romney in the Overall Debate Series

Final Debate Analysis: Despite Losing Two out of Three Debates, Romney is the Winner of the Debate Series.

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President Obama and Mitt Romney's Third Debate: Plenty of Work in Final Two Weeks

The debate on Monday night between President Obama and Mitt Romney was, in a lot of ways a continuation of the

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Why President Obama Got Thumped By Mitt Romney in Wednesday's Debate

Why Obama Got Thumped

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President Obama Vs. Mitt Romney: The 2012 Presidential Election is a Bust

Over the past few months, the public has been inundated by mostly negative coverage of this presidential election.

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Why Mitt Romney Should Be Praised For His Role At Bain Capital

Over the last few weeks, Republican Presidential candidate and former Governor Mitt Romney has been under scrutiny for his role in the private equity firm, Bain Capital.  In the process, the business of private equity

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Dig Into Real Estate for 2012: High Unemployment, Foreclosures, & Poor Economy Bring Opportunity in the Housing Market

Will Rogers is known for his quote: “Buy land, they’re not making it any more…”.  A generation or two later, it proves to be as true as ever.

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Occupy Wall Street, Philly and Other 'Occupy' Movements Lack Focus - Unlike the Tea Party

After nearly two months of occupation,

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Occupy Wall Street: Like the Tea Party it Should Be Taken Seriously

Over the past month the country has experienced a wave of protests throughout its most prominent cities, and some less prominent cities known as Occupy Wall Street (OWS).

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