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unemployment rate


Philadelphia Eagles Get Crushed By the Seattle Seahawks and Unemployment Rate Falls to 8.6%

Philadelphia Eagles Fall to Seattle Seahawks

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The Unemployment Rate In The United States Is Manipulated By Republicans and Democrats

Because unemployment statistics can be such powerful rhetorical weapons in a policy debate, politicians and analysts have been cherry-picking numbers to support their various arguments. We increasingly hear, for instance, about the "real" unemployment rate — a number that includes people who have given up searching for work or who are "underemployed," and that stands at nearly 17%. Wow. See how the shock value can help news ratings.

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Jim Bunning-an enemy of working class people by blocking unemployment extension

Jim Bunning is best known in the Philadelphia area for being a very good pitcher for  the Philadelphia Phillies eons ago.  He will forvever be remembered for tossing a perfect game for the Phillies on Father's Day in 1964.

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Sports Gambling a Smart Bet for New Jersey and Pennsylvania

The unemployment rate in our country has reached a 30-year high of 9.7%. According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Statistics, Pennsylvania has reached a rate of 8.5% and New Jersey has actually hovered just below the national average at 9.6%. With the Atlantic City casino industry not thriving the way it used to, local citizens in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas have been victimized by mass casino layoffs and have felt the sting of a faltering U.S. economy.

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