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United States


Government Shutdown making United States lose credibility

Normal In the Intervals : The Government Shutdown

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9/11 National Moment of Remembrance this Sunday

9/11 National Moment of Remembrance

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Philadelphia's Windsor Johnston: News Director at WRTI

“There was a 14 year-old girl in Kenya. Her name was Grace and I will never forget her. She is an amazing artist. One night I sat with her watching the sunset aside of Lake Vitoria.

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China's Protection of Iran Results in Stonewalling at Nuclear Summit

Guess who was stonewalling at the Nuclear Summit?

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President Obama Better Learn From Greece to Fix Federal Deficit

Let’s face some facts. The United States is a welfare state. It was not always this way as the two charts below point out.

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Constitution Day-Why not every day?

So today is Constitution Day. Yeah and… no seriously, what exactly does that mean? And why do we choose one day to “celebrate” it? I realize it was signed on September 17, 1787. So this is the official anniversary of that historic event in United States history, but… I once wrote a piece about 6 months after September 11th called “Where Have All the Flags Gone?”

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The View From Here

On January 27th , Douglas Elmendorf, the Director of the Congressional Budget Office, testified before Congress concerning the current recession and the expected outlook for recovery. Elmendorf predicted that unemployment in the United States would peak just above 9% early next year. Last Thursday, the government’s monthly employment reported showed June payrolls losing another 467,000 jobs, the unemployment rate now stands at 9.5% with a long six months in front of us before the year ends.

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