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University City


What Philadelphia neighborhoods fit your personality?

Philadelphia Neighborhoods: Exploring Your Options

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Brewer's Plate 2011 - Beer & Food in Support of a Sustainable Philadelphia

The seventh annual Brewer’s Plate fundraiser occurred Sunday at the Penn Museum

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Vietnam Cafe in University City

I’ve never had Vietnamese food. Not for any reason, really. I hold no prejudices against ethnic food of any variety, not anymore, and I’m particularly fond of Asian cuisine.

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Distrito vs Pod: The University City Dining Days Comparison - Part 2

Continued from Part I on August 3, 2010....

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Distrito vs Pod: The University City Dining Days Comparison - Part 1

When you think of the culinary scene in Philadelphia, two prominent names come to mind; Stephen Starr, restaurateur-extraordinaire whose empire here in the city boasts thirteen restaurants, over 1,000 employees and Scrooge McDuck-style revenue.

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University City Summer 2010 Dining Days: July 15 - July 29

What are you doing for dinner Thursday? Grilling off some steaks on the deck? Take out Chinese? Reservations at some swank Center City restaurant with the girlfriend? Whatever it is, cancel it. Seriously.

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Summer Steals at the Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll

Dolla’ dolla’ bills, ya’ll Kick off the summer right! This Thursday, June 10th, grab a pocket full of singles and head over to Baltimore Avenue from 43rd to 50th streets for the Dollar Stroll. 

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Campus Philly's College Day

This weekend, college students in the city and surrounding areas will be able to access discounts galore from area restaurants, museums and attractions, all thanks to Campus Philly. This local, nonprofit organization fuels community economic growth by encouraging college students to explore and hopefully take up residence in Philly.  

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