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Christopher Columbus' Legacy of Violence

As reported by Dennis Bakay earlier in the week, the Columbus Day parade was canceled in Philly this year. He called it a “victim of the economy.”  What’s so interesting about this revelation, and Monday’s lack of Philly’s Italian Americans marching to the beat of an American tradition is that it took a recession – not common sense – to put off the celebrations.

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Message to Mayor Nutter- "Sticky" the Duct-Taped Cat illustrates Philadelphia's serious problems

If you have paid attention to the headlines the past few week, I'm sure you're well aware of  Sticky, the duct-taped cat who was discovered in a  North Philadelphia neighborhood.    There is an abominable issue here that should be front and center in Philadelphia.  I'm talking about the rampant violence and hideous behavior that's evident among the citizens of this urban city, particularly the youth.

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Turning a Blind Eye

Valley Club's media exposure and why the media can do better This article, which follows, is an opinion-piece.  It is Philly2Philly.com's policy to note when an article is based upon the opinion of a member of our staff. Over the past week Philadelphia has been in the national spotlight and not for a good reason.  The Valley Club Swim Club based out of Huntington Valley revoked the membership of a group of kids who were minorities. This was after a member made a racial comment while they were there.

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