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weight training


7 Ways NOT to Gain Weight During the Holiday Season

Don’t you just love this time of year? The holiday music playing in your ear, children anticipating the coming of Santa, that sweet potato pie, those chocolate chip  cookies or how about the stuffing and glazed biscuits? Uh oh, I think we ran into a dilemma!

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It’s That Time Again!

Do you feel the weather getting hotter? Do you hear flip-flops flopping? Are you bombarded with images of the latest summer gear and dare I say, swimsuits? Well    unfortunately ladies, they are all telltale signs that it’s that time again! Whether it’s a pool party, a stroll on the beach, or a day of sun-tanning with the girls, we all have to do the inevitable: pick out a swimsuit. But I’m here to help you; I’m going to give you some fitness tips and help you find the right swimsuit for your shape. Let’s try to make this experience not so terrifying!

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