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William Shakespeare


'Anonymous' by Roland Emmerich and 'Melancholia' starring Kirsten Dunst highlight Philadelphia Film Festival

Philadelphia Film Festival: An end of the world drama for the art-house crowd and a scandalous tale that questions the validity of

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Shakespeare's Macbeth at the Wilma Theater Spells Double Double Toil and Trouble

Director Blanka Zizka creates a dazzling visual and aural production of Macbeth but seems to miss the mark of natural passion and enthusiasm often associated with this popular piece.

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A Queer Midsummer Night’s Dream

Mauckingbird Theatre Company presents a gender-bent look at Shakespeare’s famous play for a woman wert thou first created;Till Nature, as she wrought thee, fell a-doting,And by addition me of thee defeated—from William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 20, widely seen as a homoerotic paean to a young male muse, “the master mistress of [his] passion”

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Superheroes Who Are Patriotic Performs at Plays and Players Theatre on July 2nd

On Friday, July 2nd at 8pm at Plays & Players Theatre, in honor of this country’s independence, Save The Day Productions will salute its greatest hero. Not Jefferson, not Franklin, not Washington. Nope, I am talking, of course, about a true national icon we can all agree on… Captain America. 

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Shakespeare in Philadelphia: The Arden’s Romeo and Juliet Introduces a Season of the Bard

Four hundred years after his death, William Shakespeare remains the world’s most produced playwright. For evidence of his enduring popularity look no further than the region’s stages: there are at least five productions of the Bard’s plays in the Philadelphia area this weekend alone and more than a dozen more being staged in the next few months.

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The New Face of Philly Shakespeare

If you want to find Shakespeare in Philadelphia, don’t go looking for the guy with the piercing eyes, receding hairline, and high pointy collar you’ve seen on all the book jackets and posters. In fact, you probably don’t want to bother looking for his face at all: it’s been retired. Say what?

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