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World Cafe Live


Over the Rhine will play tracks from 'The Long Surrender' at World Cafe Live Tuesday, March 29th

Over the Rhine, the performing name of husband-and-wife team

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Mason Porter To Celebrate New Album Release At World Cafe Live

The band Mason Porter first caught Philly2Philly’s attention with their performance at this year’s Philadelphia Folk Festival.

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University City Summer 2010 Dining Days: July 15 - July 29

What are you doing for dinner Thursday? Grilling off some steaks on the deck? Take out Chinese? Reservations at some swank Center City restaurant with the girlfriend? Whatever it is, cancel it. Seriously.

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Philly Funny Guide Profiles ComedySportz World Championship

Tony D's Philly Funny Guide

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Philly2Philly interviews local band Wild Rompit

The success of local musicians in the last five years speaks to the wealth of diverse venues, and receptive audiences, who yearn for more inspiring music than Top 40. More bands are coming to Philadelphia to take advantage of this welcoming atmosphere.

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Mother's Day Ideas in Philadelphia

Mother worship was common, in Ancient Greece and Rome, yet it wasn't until the Victorian era that the holiday as we know it started to take shape. Mother's Day, as celebrated now, sprang up out of the ideas of Julia Ward Howe.

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11th Hour Theatre Company Hosts 5th Annual Philly Rocks Concert at World Cafe Live

Musical theater doesn't have to mean a fat lady singing opera or the run-of-the-mill Broadway reincarnations. In a continued attempt to change the way Philadelphians view musical stage productions, 11th Hour Theatre Company is gearing up for its 5th annual Philly Rocks concert. 

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Philly2Philly.com Music Profile: PhillyBloco

Yes, Philly has a world music scene. And perhaps the largest act is PhillyBloco, a Brazilian-inspired 22-piece crew, made up of singers, dancers, string instruments, an accordion,  horns and 14 drummers.

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Regional Wine and Food at World Cafe Live

It doesn’t take an earthquake to shake things up at World Café Live. Just looking at the blend of music and dining events on the schedule is enough to get my stomach rumbling. One such event occurred on Tuesday, December 29th and was so enjoyable I’m ready to sign up for the next one.

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