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How to Explain Adoption to Your Other Children

Each year, American families adopt


How To Deal With Biohazards In Old Homes

Biohazards can cause serious reactions, infections, and death in those who are exposed to them. There are all kinds of nasty things that can happen to someone if they are exposed to the types of toxins present in our world today.


How To Help Hearing Impaired Children In School

Hearing impaired children can learn just as well as other children if they have the right kind of help. If you are a parent of a hearing impaired child, then you know that it's exhausting to fight for your child's rights to a quality education all the time.


Cyber Terror Hits Philly Small Business/ EMR Loss Prevention

It was not until last month that I had my first experience with cyber terrorism. A good friend of mine runs a medical facility here in Philly and was hit by a major cyber attack ruining her electronic medical record system (EMR). The severity of the attack left me feeling very concerned over the state of my own business. Like her EMR system we have a cloud based data system that has similar vaulnerabilities. I am writing this blog post to help others who may be in the same scenerio secure their business and avoid a disasterous fate. 


What I learned From Preparing My Home for Adoption

For anyone who has gone throught the adopting a child they know just how exhausting it can be. After several years of trying to get pregnenet my wife and I decided to adopt. Going in we had no idea how insane they make it. The adoption process is long, laborious and downright demorilizing at times. However Don't let this discourage you. The moment you bring your child home for the first time you will remember why you went through all of the heartache.

When Should I Actually Put on Snow Tires? Conquering Winter Worries


The Cost of Travel

Travel is something that everyone seems to wish they could do, but few understand how to make it a reality. This is especially true with long term travel, in which one must be creative on the road or have a good amount of savings to sustain themselves. Regardless of what kind of travel you do, there will always be pros and cons, benefits and pitfalls.

Phillies place Ryan Madson on disabled list with broken toe. Bastardo recalled.

No sooner do the Phillies get their closer Brad Lidge back and they now lose their eighth inning set-up man. Ryan Madson has been placed on the 15-day DL with a broken toe. Antonio Bastardo has been recalled from Triple-A.

The Eye will update you with any new developments.

Philadelphia Eagles to trade with Rams for #1 pick in 2010 NFL Draft?

Despite a rumor flying around this morning, that was brought up on ESPN 97.5, there is no truth to the rumor which had the Eagles possibly talking to the Rams about trading up for the #1 pick in the

Jimmy Rollins held out of Phillies home opener from strained right calf

The Eye

If you're watching the Phillies home opener against Washington today you were stunned to see Jimmy Rollins not in the starting lineup.