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From Philly and Beyond

You've probably heard the phrase before "just because it's from Philly doesn't mean it's only for Philly." This is what this article will be about since it covers companies that started in Philadelphia but branched out to different locations outside of Philly.

3 Critical Tips To Prep Remarkably Well

There are some who find “prepping” to be a more extreme form of precaution, but after witnessing disruptive events such as Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy, it’s starting to seem more and more like a smart thing to do. As the government as already shown us, they don’t have the resources to take care of every person during a crisis. Because of this, many feel a big pull to be self-sufficient so they can be reassured that if anything does happen, they have the resources to care for themselves and their family.

Three Ways to Repurpose old blankets

The old blankets taking up space in your linen closet or bedroom must find a new home. You do not want to throw away your old blankets, but you need new ways to use these blankets in your home. This article explores three ways to repurpose old blankets, and you can create brand new artwork that changes the way your home looks. Bring everything out of your closet and into the light with these creative project ideas. 

#1: Quilting 

The Best Resources for Disaster Preparedness

A disaster can be defined as an event that results in available resources being overwhelmed and that causes death, injury and destruction. Lack of preparedness for disasters can be fatal, hence the importance of proper disaster planning. Make no mistake, having a good plan is essential. Being ready when the worst happens can help you to remain calm and can help you to recover from catastrophes quickly. The big question is how do you get the information that you need to prepare adequately?

I'm Not Giving up My Baby, I'm Giving More


Finding The Best East Coast Auto Loan Package

For most of us in Philly, financing a car purchase is the only option.  After all, cars cost a good deal of money, more than most of us have in the bank.  Paying over time comes with an additional burden, however, and that burden is accrued interest.

Your Guide to Green Weddings in Glacier National Park

There’s a reason travel aggregators like Tripadvisor.com received 476 reviews about the Prince of Whales Hotel in Glacier: This one-of-a-kind vintage hotel has served as a Glacier landmark for a century, so if you wish to throw a green wedding at this venue, there’s no more appropriate destination.