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Danger In The Workplace

Over the years we have seen countless companies taken down through major security disasters. Traditional industrial safety begain to take hold in the factories of Andrew Carnagie in the late 1800's. Terrible working conditions led to laws aimed at protecting workers from sub par and dangerous conditions. However Industrial security has evolved over the years to include a wide range of businesses. The more traditional consturction and production plants have developed entiere divisions devoted soley to keeping workers safe despite dangers around every corner.

How to Get Rid of Fleas and Ticks on Pets

An outbreak of fleas or ticks can be a traumatic experience for both you and your pet, but it can happen to anyone. You may have missed a flea and tick treatment or had a visiting animal in your home. Whatever the cause, you will have to ensure that your pet and your home are thoroughly cleaned to remove the fleas, ticks, larva and eggs that may remain in a number of areas of your home. ‘’

Does The NYSE Hack Scare You?

On Wednesday July 8th 2015 the New York Stock Exchange was crippled by a major hack resulting stocks plummeted across the board. Who cares if Wall Street gets hit? The reality is that the modern banking system is entirely dependent on the rise and fall of stock market.

Seven obscure situational survival items that may save your life

In the event of a survival situation, you will need to use any items you can find to increase your chances of making it. Maybe you're the type of person who plans ahead for the possibility of a survival situation.

Top Techniques for Sewing Beginners to learn

Sewing can be a fun skill to learn and also incredibly useful. Being able to sew can be a wonderful benefit to your home and family.

How to clean upholstery on a tight budget

Not everyone can afford new furniture all the time. But it's nice to have upholstery that looks nice and pleasing to the eye. When you have guests over, it's nice to hear compliments on how clean your home is, and the furniture is a big part of that.

5 Things Every Every Child Needs In The Home to Thrive

Every home will raise a child differently. That's what makes parenting such a unique aspect of life. No two children will ever be raised the exact same way. But there are certain things every child needs so that they have a happy and successful life.

10 Hobbies to Adopt When it’s Cold Outside

With frigid wind chills and unrelenting snow storms, this winter has made the Northeast an inhospitable place. Going outdoors hasn’t only been unappealing; it’s been downright dangerous.

Don't Get Cold Feet: Why Winter Car Buying Is Worth It


There is a lot that goes into making a car buying decision. You have to know what you want from a car, what you need from a car and how much you can spend on that purchase. However, have you ever considered if there was an optimal time of year to purchase your next car? Let's take a look at why winter may be the best time to purchase a vehicle.

North Korea declaring war on South Korea after sinking of South Korean ship?

Could North Korea be declaring war on South Korea? Or, at the very least striking them militarily?

A South Korean navy ship has sunk near the disputed maritime border between South Korea and North Korea.