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The Pennsylvania Ballet’s Program II is an exciting one that likely introduced most ballet-goers to new repertoire. It included George Balanchine's Four Temperaments.

When we last saw Janet Zappala, she was educating us about the dangers of trans fats and protecting our consumer interests on CN8's Art Fennell Reports.

Fourteen Pennsylvania Ballet dancers stepped from stage to screen to appear in the upcoming ballet-themed thriller Black Swan.

FINO'S FAIRS AND FESTIVALS A Column by Michael J. Fino mailto:mikefino@verizon.net  

Tek Lado, a bilingual publication for the tech-savvy generation, has made its debut in Philadelphia. A dream come true for geeks and gamers, the new pop culture magazine targets Hispanic and non-Hispanic techies. 

Director Blanka Zizka creates a dazzling visual and aural production of Macbeth but seems to miss the mark of natural passion and enthusiasm often associated with this popular piece.

The Broadway blockbuster is on the move around the country with a Vegas-style tour that packs a punch.

Fino’s Fairs and Festivals

“When you turn on the news in America, and you hear any kind of human interest story about Muslims, it’s almost always something that’s gone wrong,” author G. Willow Wilson said to an engaged crowd during a panel discussion at UPenn.