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Thanksgiving Recipes from Philly2Philly.com


Before the consumer carnage of Black Friday ensues, there's a little holiday we like to call Thanksgiving. Perhaps you've heard of it. And perhaps you even planned on making a few things on this festive day, like say a turkey?

But alas, you don't know have any traditional Thanksgiving recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation to fall back on.

Fear not... Philly2Philly.com is here to help.

We've assembled links to some very popular sites where you can get all the tastiest Thanksgiving recipes you could ever want... hey, we know you're busy planning for Black Friday, so the least we could do was help you out a bit.

Here you go and Happy Thanksgiving!


The Food Network


A Goldilocks Thanksgiving

Better Homes & Gardens


Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving Recipes From America's Past


photo: www.hubpages.com