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Christmas, Philadelphia, Santa Norad Tracker, and the art of cramming on Christmas Eve


Last minute christmas shoppingIn the vein of doing something at the last minute, your humble writer from Philly2Philly.com decided to provide you, our readers with a little something to digest on Christmas Eve. While many others are busy shopping for last minute gifts, tracking Santa on Norad, or preparing for tomorrow I'm sitting here delivering an article for you, our faithful readers.

If you are tracking the flight path of Santa on the Santa Norad Tracker, then you'll notice that his next stop is St. Petersburg, Russia. So, at 3:58 PM EST, he's got quite a ways to go before landing in Philadelphia.

What else is there to do besides being crowded in among fellow shoppers desperate to find gifts on Christmas Eve?

If you're in Philadelphia and you still need to cram for shopping for gifts, food, alcohol, or anything else needed for the busiest holiday of the year then you might wantWegmans to hit up the local Wegman's over in Collegeville. Yours truly just scored a pack of caviar for 10 clams and some salmon/spinach mousse for another 8 ducats. They make for great hors d'oeuvres and coupled with some crackers you have yourself quite an appetizer. If you are going to enjoy some caviar, don't forget to pick up some vodka at your local PA wine and spirits shoppe. Hurry because you have two hours before they close at 6:00 PM! If you don't want to make that extra trip then fear not-Wegman's also sells many varieties of beer including a personal favorite of mine-Chimay.

In fact, most stores will close by 6:00pm, unless we're talking about Walmart or Wawa who probably would remain open if a nuclear war were underway and their employees were covered in fallout ash.

For some of you last minute shoppers that actually read this article before slipping out the door before the 6pm deadline then heed my advice-don't panic! When it comes down to it, unless we're talking about your wife or girlfriend, pretty much anybody appreciates a cool card from Hallmark with a giftcard. That's my failsafe option along with several other million people.

Now, if you still don't know what to get for that special somebody and you waited this long to get it, then you're best off heading to Littman Jewelers.  And, to save you the trouble here are some Littman Jewelers in the Philadelphia area.  They are having tons of sales right now and if you are good at performing in the clutch, then you'll come up with a nice gem.

Some of you may be cramming for a movie to watch tonight. I highly recommend Love Actually  if you want to watch a great Christmas movie with lots of heart. Or, if you want some raunchy humor, then by all means check out Bad Santa.

Remember cramming is an art. Most of us guys do it. Unlike our female counterparts who are well-planned, we make it a point to wait to the last minute to do something.

Remember, don't panic. You only live once and getting into a car wreck in a parking lot for an appetizer or bottle of wine just isn't worth it. 

Be safe and have a Merry Christmas!

Main photo from www.weblogs.baltimoresun.com