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Hidden City Philadelphia: Uncovering What's Right in Front of You


Hidden City PhiladelphiaIf there’s one thing that contributes to Philadelphia’s urban character, it’s the history behind it. Philadelphia has an abundance of historical landmarks, which shows that Philadelphia has contributed to many ground-breaking and historical events.  These events not only shaped Philadelphia's history, but the entire nation’s.  What most sightseers don’t know is that there is much more to Philadelphia’s architectural history than just the William Penn statue, Independence Hall, or the Rocky statue. There are plenty of hidden and forgotten landmarks in city that are just waiting to be found to tell a story about Philly’s history from another angle.

Hidden City Philadelphia is an arts festival that brings light to some of the historical landmarks that most of us as a city have forgotten or never had the pleasure of seeing. Hidden City Philadelphia unites a wide variety of performing and visual artists who specialize in dance, music, sculpture, video, and print. Each artist creates a piece that’s based on a particular landmark that has been forgotten. After seeing the piece done by the artist, you can also take a bus tour, provided by Hidden City, to the landmark sites that are being revived.

Hidden City’s website (HiddenCityPhila.com) gives the viewer many options in experiencing Philadelphia’s forgotten history. The front page is a map of where you can find different landmarks as well as the schedule of planned performances and tours. You can also find information on some of the artists and their pieces and the background to what inspired them to revive their piece of Philadelphia history.

Hidden City Philadelphia is a perfect program for those who want to get to know Philadelphia on a deeper level. If you’re tired of the typical walking tours of the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, try seeing a more lively and vivid description of Philadelphia history.

What you need to know:

Hidden City Philadelphia runs from May 30 through June 28, 2009.

Box Office: (267) 597-3808, tickets@hiddencityphila.org,