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Friday Night Spotlight: Lucky Old Souls


Leave that nine to five on the shelf and distract your mind from the insanity and trauma of the week finally behind us. This Friday, you owe it to Edgar Batemanyourself to indulge in thought-provoking revelations of spoken word and sweet melodies of one of the smoothest musical art forms known to man. South Philly resident and online radio host Matthew Feldman presents another live jazz edition of Lucky Old Souls at the Moonstone Arts Center in Center City. It's more enticing than its incentive of a BYOB affair. “Lucky Old Souls is all about bringing people together with music,” Feldman says about the year-old event and he plans to do so with a jazz musician by the name of Edgar Bateman.

“At almost 80 years old, his live performances are few and far between,” says Feldman. “But it's not for lack of ability, power or desire. For those like me, who never got to hear him when he was a young man, it's hard to imagine him ever having played better than now.”

The Philadelphia drummer may have a reputation for being a generous performer, but don’t let his musical charity fool you. “He has a reputation as a 'free' player, but labels like 'free' are meaningless when dealing with a talent as pure as Bateman's, which is inherently versatile,” Feldman assures.

Bateman has played with the likes of the Four Tops and John Coltrane, and has recorded with jazz excellence like the comprehensive Eric Dolphy and a young Herbie Hancock.

“The sincerity, originality and energy in Bateman's playing make hearing him a refreshing and uplifting experience,” says Feldman, who also goes by the moniker 'Feldie.' “His performance at Friday's Lucky Old Souls with alto saxophonist Julian Pressley is icing on the cake.”

The magic doesn’t stop there. Husband-wife duo poet Yolanda Wisher and bassist Mark Palacio will also perform and serve as the opening act for Friday’s event. Their bond and without-a-doubt talent will set the tone for a night of sheer merriment and illumination. “Watching Wisher and Palacio perform together--as one--is truly a beautiful thing.”

What you need to know:

Lucky Old Souls

Moonstone Arts Center (formerly Robin’s Bookstore)

110 S. 13th St., 2nd Floor at 13th & Sansom

Doors: 8:30 p.m./ Show: 9 p.m.

$10, BYOB  

Catch Matthew “Feldie” Feldman’s weekly online radio show every Tuesday at 2 p.m. on Gtownradio.com.  

To learn more about Lucky Old Souls and to get details about the 2010 venue opening near 17th & McKean in South Philly, visit www.luckyoldsouls.com.