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Shady Brook Farm Presents Pumpkinfest and Horrorfest


Fino’s Fairs and FestivalsPhilly2Philly's Mike Fino

A Column by Michael J. Fino (mailto:mikefino@verizon.net)






It is widely known that Shady Brook Farm in Bucks County is a full-service organization that delivers the best in produce and gardening supplies, offering fresh vegetables, baked goods, gourmet foods, gardening tools, mulch and seeds just to name a few examples.  What you may not know is that for 19 years, Shady Brook Farms has hosted Pumpkinfest  during the day and Horrorfest  at night from the last week in September to the last week in October.



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I started my day at Pumpkinfest to enjoy the live music and delicious food.  Vendors supplied kettle corn, hot chocolate, and my personal recommendation, gourmet pumpkin ice cream.  But that was just the beginning.  Pony Express Amusement  supplied inflatable bouncy rooms for younger children, including a giant pirate ship called Mutiny on the Bouncy.  Children and adults alike tried their best at games such as darts, ring toss, duck pond, and high striker.  I tried the ring toss and failed miserably, but it was still a lot of fun; and with Pony Express Amusement, no one walks away without a prize.

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Other attractions include: a cornfield maze, fun-sized fire truck rides for adults and children, face painting, gem mining, sand art, and the SBF-500 races where younger children compete against each other on sporty tricycles in an effort to be the first to finish the laps.  One other mega attraction that I had to check out was the monster truck hearse ride.  Weighing at roughly 10,000 pounds, this machine surprisingly moves like the wind at a speed of more than 80 mph through crops!  One little girl coming off the hearse, exclaimed, “That was wicked!”  Considering the intensity of the ride and the theme, I couldn’t have phrased it better myself.


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Of course, what would a Pumpkin Fest be without pumpkins?  Shady Brook Farm features hayrides running throughout the day where the driver takes people through a pumpkin patch and drops them off so they can go pick out a pumpkin.  Guests can take as much time as they need to pick just the right one because wagons run continuously for drop off and pick up.

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As the daytime neared an end, I was anxious with anticipation for Horrorfest.  The event featured 4 thrilling attractions: Barn of Horror, Hayride of Horror, Alien Encounter: 3-D and Deadtime Stories.  Guests can choose to buy tickets for individual attractions, or if you can work up the nerve like I had to, R.I.P. passes are available for purchase, which gives thrill-seekers full access to all attractions.



Source: http://www.shadybrookfarm.com/hrrfst/index.html




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After I entered the farm grounds, it was time for me to face with what awaited me so I started with the Alien Encounter: 3-D attraction.  I was given a pair of 3-D glasses to wear as I walked through a bizarre spaceship, never knowing who or what was waiting for me in the next room.  It was truly out of this world!


Beware the Barn of HorrorAs I walked through the barn, I found many strange and shocking things.  Think you know your barnyard animals?  So did I


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Remember those childhood fairytales?  Some came to life in Deadtime Stories as I made my way through a pitch-black corn maze—only, they weren’t as I remembered.


Luckily, Deadtime Stories left me still alive so I had to find some remaining courage for last attraction—the Hayride of Horror.  There were strange creatures lurking in the dark woods.  Some stayed where they were, but others made your hair stand on endI hope your wagon doesn’t break down in the middle of the tour because those lurking might overtake it.


Because Shady Brook Farm has been family-owned and family-operated for almost 100 years, it has a reputation for being family-centered.  Director of Fun Eve Moody manages sponsorships and special events.


 “Pumpkinfest and Horrorfest are examples of agritainment,” Moody said.  “The Horrorfest is unique because it is family-centered and suitable for all ages.  The goal is to enhance the Halloween experience—not to send children home with nightmares.”


Indeed, it did; and if you need to calm your nerves, there are two bonfires blazing perfect for marshmallow-roasting or to just sit nearby and enjoy something to eat or drink.  Live music and games also add to the festive atmosphere at Horrorfest.


Both events are definitely fun experiences that will surely be memorable; and as they say at Shady Brook Farm, “fun is always in season!”  I highly recommend attending both while we are still in the Halloween season.  There is a $10 admission for Pumpkinfest, but that covers you the whole day.  Admission to Horrorfest varies depending on the attractions you want to see, but the cost of an R.I.P pass is $35, which gives the guest full access for the night.


For more information on Shady Brook Farm, visit www.shadybrookfarm.com  or call (215) 968-1670. 


For more information on PumpkinFest, visit www.shadybrookfarm.com/pfest.php  or for Horrorfest, visit www.shadybrookfarm.com/hrrfst/index.html


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