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A Lot of Heart at Jinxed at the Piazza in Northern Liberties


The days of hanging out in a chill art gallery, drinking beer and eating BBQ food are far from long-gone at Jinxed — even after they moved from the old South Street locale to their fancy new digs in the Piazza of No Libs in September.

Booze, barbecued pork and bleeding hearts are on the agenda for this Saturday as the gallery prepared to give another go at their 3rd annual heArt Show.

It'll be the first time the show's been held in the much more spacious studio, said owner Mike Supermodel.

"We have a lot more room so we added a lot more people," Supermodel said.

Hearts at heArtMore than 120 artists will be displaying their custom-made hearts. The boutique buys the eight-inch balsa wood cutouts, then hands them out to the artists well in advance of the show.

Then, they work their artistic magic, however they see fit. For some, that means spray-painted designs right on the wood, graphic drawings on paper that's then plastered on top, or even inked-up pieces from local tattoo artists.

"People go in a lot of different directions with it," Supermodel said. "This is by far our best show."

Years before, Jinxed put a $100 cap on the price of each heart that could be sold during the show, but Supermodel said there's really no limitations this year. So if you're a procrastinator and still haven't gotten your gal or guy a gift for Valentine's Day, here's one of your last chances. 

The hand-crafted heArts will be more creative and more unique than any box of chocolates or flowers you may wind up with, Supermodel said.

The show will be held Saturday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Supermodel assures that it won't have the "stuffy" atmosphere of a typical gallery.

"I'm getting a few kegs and we'll have a 60-pound roasted pig," he said.

"It's how I prefer things to be," he added. "The art on the walls doesn't have to be amateurish to be in a relaxed environment and have a good time."

Jinxed is located at The Piazza at Schmidts, #86; 1050 N Hancock St, at Germantown & N 2nd between Poplar & Girard; Northern Liberties;



For more information visit www.jinxedphiladelphia.com