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A National Margarita Day recipe for you


Let's face it: with the current state of our country right now, anyone is looking for an excuse to forget all their troubles for a while. Well today just so happens to be National Margarita Day, and the bartender in me felt like I wasn't doing justice if I didn't offer to you one of my all-time favorite concoctions: The Superman Margarita. It's usually a big hit at parties, so feel free to give it a try.  For good measure (no pun intended) if you have pourers, a 1/2 oz is a two count (count to two as you are pouring the contents into the mixer), 1 oz a four count, and so on. 

SUPERMAN MARGARITA: photo: www.foodnetwork.com

1 1/2 oz Patron Silver Tequilla  or Jose Cuervo

1/2 oz Jacquin's Triple Sec

3 oz Sour Mix (about three to four freshly squeezed limes mixed with simple syrup)

Dash of lime juice (freshly squeezed limes are the best!)

Dash of orange juice (optional)

A splash of  strawberry or raspberry liquer for slight flavor and red coloring (a touch of grenadine will work as well for a cherry flavor if you don't want that added liquer taste)

Add ice into shaker

Shake about 20 times

Pour contents into glass (Salt rim is optional as is ice). For salt to stick, pour simple syrup onto saucer, place top of glass in simple syrup, then place glass in salt).

Garnish with a lime

So there you have it: my contribution to your National Margarita Day. I am a bartender, so while it's my duty to make sure your drinking needs are fulfilled, it's also my duty to tell everyone to please drink responsibly.

Enjoy. And in the words of Van Halen, "Bottoms Up!"