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Groovaloo: The Hip Hop Sensation Comes to Philadelphia



Warning: This show is not reminiscent of your darling Snuggie television advertisement. Trite moves like the cabbage patch or “raising the roof” are far cry from what hip-hop dance troupe the Groovaloos has to offer at the Merriam Theater this week. These dancers have a story to tell. Words give way to movement as head spins, hand hops and wind mills rally around the real-life narratives of 10 dancers performed by a cast of 14 members. 

They’re dancing through the pain, sorrow, joy and jubilation of past experiences and epiphanies in addition to present fulfillments and dreams realized. The Groovaloos take you on a rhythmic journey of a life that once was. Sobering tales of paralyzing tragedy are exposed, insecurities of being a novice dancer in a world of well-practiced and street-certified performers are reexamined and a father’s dissatisfaction and abusive nature are brought to light to name a few. It’s Cinderella meets MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew.” 

Neon lights and thundering beats are the idyllic accessories to the Groovaloos’ chancy, audacious choreography, which causes electricity to pulsate throughout the entire theater. Sure, natural born talent may have something to do with it, but in all reality it’s the zeal and undying hunger pumping through their veins that causes this group to dance with every inch of themselves.

GroovalooYes, they’re show-offs. They exhibit how versatile and capable b-boys and b-girls can be by infusing salsa, ballet and tap into their routines. They execute flips in this performance that beginner gymnasts would be afraid of. And really, who pops and locks with a cane in hand? You’ll have to hear the story behind the walking stick when you attend the show.

Rewind to the start of Groovaloo’s performance. The lights grow dim, the pre-show music is hushed and the stage smoke intensifies. It’s Showtime and it’s the announcer’s task to solicit energy from the audience but his 35 seconds onstage are virtually unnecessary.

It is the raw talent and impeccable athleticism that causes audience members to shake their heads in awe, spring out of their seats and shout out in pure delight without any force or persuasion. “Woo, that boy is bad,” someone yells as the show draws to a close. Yes, here bad means good.


Merriam Theater

250 South Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19102


Showing: Friday, March 12; Saturday, March 13; and Sunday, March 14.

Tickets range from $25 to $59.50


Call 215-731-3333 for tickets or visit