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Take Me Out at Plays and Players Scores a Homerun



A Homerun for Exploring Sports, Gender, & Stereotypes

Take Me Out at Plays and PlayersDo you miss sitting in Citizens Bank Park on a sunny day, waiting for your favorite player to take the field?  Do you long for hearing the crack of the ball against the bat and the cheers of the crowd as the runner crosses home plate?


Take Me Out”, presented by Plays & Players, will not only remind you of how you’ve missed watching our beloved Phillies during this long, cold winter, but also hooks hard into the proverbial left field, exploring the life of a star baseball player after he announced his homosexuality to the public.  Written by Richard Greenberg, “Take Me Out” was the recipient of the Tony Award for Best Play 2003 and was nominated for the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, scoring a whopping 383 Broadway performances.


This play is for the robust, curious, or adventurous theater-goer; it features full male nudity and a plethora of words that your mother would soap your mouth for uttering.  Don’t let this scare you; there’s some engaging set effects that include the locker room shower scene or mimicking the after-game press party.  Take Me Out also features some brilliant soliquoys that define baseball’s pleasure-inducing factors and pose thought-provoking comparisons with politics, stereotypes and other meaty topics.  The all-male cast stars Chuck DeLong, Bill Egan, Sam Han, Gerard Joseph, Joe Matyas, David Mason, Ted Powell, Jerry Rudasill, Dan Sanchez, Ryan Walter, and Peter Zielinski.


Take Me Out confronts its audience with real-life situations and intensely emotional scenes, balanced by sarcasm and intelligent, quirky humor,” says opening night attendee Michael Novak.

“This play’s beautiful speeches about baseball and its complex characters who make complex decisions are really what is at the heart of the piece; our performance seeks to truly highlight this stunning piece of literature," says director Daniel Student.

Plays & Players, located in Center City at 1714 Delancey Place, is Philadelphia's longest continually operated theater. It began in 1911 as a social club, devoted to developing new theater experiences for and by its membership.  Throughout its many seasons, some noteable actors have graced its stage, including Otis Skinner and Kevin Bacon.