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Philadelphia Artists Exibited at Photo 612 Gallery in Haddon Township, NJ


Amie Potsic What started out as a critique group among friends with similar artistic interests has blossomed into an exhibition for six women from the Philadelphia area - all with a love for travel and an eye for photography. 

Personal | Universal opened last weekend at Photo 612, a gallery in Haddon Township, New Jersey, that's dedicated to showcasing the photographic goals of local artists. The show is a collective of the works of six women who are all driven by many of the same passions - exploring the world and impacting social change.  

The artists include Amie Potsic, Jill Katz, Beth Uzwiak, Julia Blaukopf, Genevieve Coutroubis, and Elysa Voshell. Their works will hang in the gallery on Station Avenue until May 16. Each woman has a different story to tell. Their works are shown in various forms such as fabric panels, books, prints and scrolls.  

Potsic said this will mark the second showing of Personal | Universal after its debut almost one year ago through the University City Arts League.

The six were brought together by one woman who was the common thread, and they began to meet regularly to critique each other's work, Potsic said. But after a few meetings, they realized their work and their goals shared a similar mission. 

"We decided it'd be a good idea to show our work together," Potsic said.  

Varanasi by Jill KatzPotsic, like some of the other artists, has traveled all over the world, to nearly every continent. But it's the countries that take her out of her cultural norm and toss her completely into another's that affect her the most and give her the most inspiration, she explained. India and Israel were two of her favorites. 

"Religion determines almost everything about your life," she said, noting how everything from a person's diet and dress to daily activities can be imapcted by religion.

From these experiences, she puts her own perspective on the photos she takes. The work she's showing during this exhibit is entitled "Made in China" but is comprised of photographs taken in the Philadelphia area that exude similar beauty seen in China, such as the changing of the cherry blossom tree leaves during spring. However, the titles and Chinese writing on the photos reflect the current controversies in its modern times, Potsic said.  

"The idea is to seduce you with a beautiful image but ask the viewers to consider the political issues," Potsic said.

Katz, also of Philadelphia, finds most of her inspiration in the colors and culture in countries she visits such as India, Cuba, Thailand and Vietnam.  

"We all have a common interest of travel and what it means to us," Katz said of the women in the show.  

Every year Katz aims to take a big trip so she can immerse herself in a new culture, surrounded by new people. During a trip to India, she was moved by the bright saris of the women working in the fields.  

"That really struck me," Katz said. 

The group hopes to take Personal | Universal on the road to other locations, changing some of the pieces as they continue their travels. 

Photo 612

For more information visit http://photo612.blogspot.com.  

Photo 612 is located at 612 Station Ave., Haddon Heights, NJ 08035

p. 856.429 2304



(right) Amie Potsic, “Made in China: Exile” / Archival Pigment Print / 24 x 48 inches / 2009

(left) Jill Katz, Early Morning Along the Ganges, Varanasi, India, 2009 

(homepage) Jill Katz, When Broken Glass Floats, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2005