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Throwdown with Bobby Flay Challenges Vermont Brownie Company


Anybody out there a Throwdown! With Bobby Flay fan? For those unfamiliar with the show, the format is pretty straight forward. Megachef Bobby Flay receives a “top secret” mission to challenge a chef to a cook-off of their signature dish. The chef in question is usually considered one of the best in the country at producing their dish, and Bobby Flay’s job is to create his own version to be judged in competition. The chef being challenged is duped into thinking they’re creating their dish for a Food Network special until, voila!, Bobby Flay appears out of nowhere and the throwdown is on. I’m a fan of the show; it’s an excellent showcase of local chef’s and specialties and generates a lot of business for the restaurants and bakeshops on the show. And as the judges are usually local food critics and personalities, Flay tends to get his ass kicked.

A recent episode has been generating a lot of buzz in the foodie world, featuring Shawna Lidsky and Katherine Hayward of the relatively new Vermont Brownie Company. Anybody familiar with Vermont-based food companies (i.e. Ben & Jerrys) knows they love to boast local and (mostly) organic ingredients, and the VBC is no exception. Their featured brownie, dark chocolate and chevre (goat cheese), is a pretty wild endeavor. Chevre has a very strong, tangy flavor. Pretty daring for something as sweet as a brownie. Bobby Flay chooses a more traditional flavor combination for his brownie, combining three kinds of chocolate with a peanut butter-caramel sauce.

It was a little strange seeing Bobby go so traditional; his tendency is to push the basic ingredients of the dish into the realm of gourmet. A brownie featuring goat cheese is something you’d be more likely to see come out of his corner of the ring.

Be sure to catch the next broadcast to see who wins (or just look on the internet and cheat, but where’s the fun in that?).