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Mural Mile by Philadelphia's Mural Arts Program is a Free Summer Treat for all Ages


Jane GoldenThe Mural Arts Program was founded in 1986 by the artist Jane Golden as a sub-division of the Philadelphia Anti-Graffiti Network. As one of the largest employer of artists in the city, it employs over 300 artists per year. One of Philly’s greatest public treasures, it is also one of the largest public arts programs in the world. You can find a great photo essay of 21 of the works as they were presented in Time Magazine

The Mural Arts Program is an innovative force and has brought a new elemnt of education and engagement to their work. Available beginning June 16, you will be able to download podcasts and take cell phone tours of the Mural Mile. The Mural Mile is a 2.5 mile tour of 17 of the program’s most iconic works. An abridged 1 mile version of the tour is also available. You can check out the google map of the Mural Mile.

With easy access to parking and all public transit, the Mural Mile is a perfect summer activities for family members of all ages. It’s a moderate length walk with lots of opportunities for stopping for nibbles around the neighborhoods toured. Between the great murals,The Garden of Earthly Delights and one of the more famous, Philadelphia Muses, try the family-friendly More than Just Ice Cream (1119 Locust St.). With great ice cream, desserts, and shakes it’s perfect for kids on a hot tour day. They also offer a full lunch and dinner menu. Perhaps, make it a fun happy hour fueled tour with your friends. Between the murals Spring and Gimme Shelter grab a fantastic coconut margarita-it’s huge! for $5 during Happy Hour (5-7 p.m.) at Mixto (1141 Pine St). Or try Chapterhouse Cafe & Gallery (620 South 9th St) for a delicious iced or frozen drink- my favorite is the peanut butter smoothie! MAP also provides expert tour guides running in 5 week cycles focusing on different neighborhoods. The tours cost $25 for adults and $15 for kids. For info on tours and all the Mural Arts Program events check out their website.



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