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Superheroes Who Are Patriotic Performs at Plays and Players Theatre on July 2nd


Superheroes who are super!On Friday, July 2nd at 8pm at Plays & Players Theatre, in honor of this country’s independence, Save The Day Productions will salute its greatest hero. Not Jefferson, not Franklin, not Washington. Nope, I am talking, of course, about a true national icon we can all agree on… Captain America. 

Super Heroes Who Are Patriotic! will deliver a word-for-word staged reading of Captain America’s first appearance in Captain America Comics #1, whose cover features Cap punching Adolf Hitler in the jaw, and The Avengers #4, where Captain America was discovered frozen in ice and became the leader of the greatest of superhero teams. 

In 2007, I directed a staged reading of The Fantastic Four #51 at Milkboy Coffee in Ardmore, PA, produced by Theatre Horizon. The audience, while small, completely “geeked out” about the show. In 2008, when I became a board member at Plays & Players, I found the perfect home to create a series of these performances – a company that in recent years has produced William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead and Zombie! The Musical.  Super Heroes Who Are Super! has gained a regular audience in no small part due to our Facebook Group and great word-of-mouth, and I have recently started by own comic book themed production company, Save The Day Productions, to focus exclusively (for now) on the project. 


What makes these performances so popular?  The series is purposely low budget, relying on the simplicity of its special effects and costuming to add humor and charm to the evening (i.e. when Storm controls the elements, she uses a pocket fan and a squirt bottle… which gets squirted repeatedly into another actors face as she attacks). The actors aren’t perfect - they lose their place in the script, flub costume changes, break cheap props, etc. This creates chemistry between the performers and the audience unlike anything I had been part of – it’s a truly intimate and interactive experience. One of my directors this year posted clips from Green Lantern #13 online – it gives you just a taste of what I am describing. 

While I may have been half-joking that Captain America is the greatest of our national heroes. In fact, for many of us, even if just for a night on July 2, 2010 at Plays & Players Theatre, he will be. 

Can’t wait? For a short sneak peek of the performance, go to Atomic City Comics on 638 South Street on Friday, June 25 at 9pm. What’s more, this reading is free!