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5 Reasons to go to Q-Fest 2010


QfestEveryone loves a sweet sixteen. This year, the Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, or better known by its new title Q-Fest, will celebrate its 16th glorious year in the city of brotherly love. Running from July 8 to the 19, this 12-day celebration of all things queer in cinema should not be missed. But if your still having some trouble deciding, here’s five reasons why you should be there, or be straight, err...square.

1. Bigger and Better

This year’s festival will see a variety of new additions and exciting changes. First off, there have been over 120 films selected for the festival representing more than 25 countries. Films will include world premieres, narratives, documentaries, and shorts. Secondly, this year’s festivities will sport a new location in the exciting Old City district, which will be a fresh change of pace. The opening night will kick off with not one, but two different films, which is a brand new feature. This year will also include some edge (literally) with the Danger After Dark festival also premiering simultaneously with Q-Fest. Finally, there will be a ‘Beat Goes On’ series, which will focus on queer Latin American Cinema.

Kelly McGiilis 2. Kelly McGillis

Yes, that Kelly McGillis. Yes, the same one you saw kick ass in Top Gun and become tempted by Harrison Ford in Witness. The renowned California-native will be honored in Philadelphia for everything from The Accused to ‘L Word’, and then some. In addition to her award, there will also be “A Conversation with Kelly McGillis” that will be held at the Ritz Five on Saturday, July 15, 5:00 PM. Come re-ignite your 80’s nostalgia. Come to hear her story. Come to see a movie star. Come to see if she finally outs Tom Cruise. Either way, don’t miss it! Plus, you can read an interview with Kelly McGillis early next week on Philly2Philly.com!!!

3. The summer of 2010 at the movies

Summers like 2010 at the movies make us very very thankful that art house films exist. For every Toy Story 3 this summer, there was a Knight and Day, Jonah Hex, A- Team, and Prince of Persia not far behind. All of that bad blockbuster celluloid is enough to leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth (no it’s not that artificial butter topping on your popcorn). With this drought of good cinema, Q-Fest is like the cactus in the middle of the movie desert. For $10 you could spend money on a film that has been carefully crafted, or at least contains an actual plot, theme, and entertainment value. So pocket that $12 and step away from the 3-D glasses. Q-Fest will provide crowd-pleasing movie experiences that your brain, heart, and wallet can be happy about. 

4. The Parties

Anyone who is anyone will tell you that the gays wrote the book on good parties, so that alone is a reason to seek out Q-Fest in the midst of the summer center city party lull. Q-Fest will feature no less than 9 parties during its 12 day run, all with various themes and venues. Karaoke junkie? Check out Barbra Streisand karaoke night at Voyeur (Wed, July 14, 9:30). Mystery Science Theater fan? Don’t miss the “Bitchy Mystery Science Theater” event held at National Mechanics. Comedian Danny Ozark and other special guests will take film clips old and new and explore their implied gayness. (Monday, July 12, 9:30 PM). Most importantly, don’t miss the opening and closing parties, held at the decadent Independence Visitors Center and Loew’s hotel respectively. There will be a generously stocked bar and three free drinks with admission.

5. Support the Arts

Let’s get slightly serious for a brief moment. With all of the economy problems this world has endured the past few years, the arts is an area that can sometimes suffer the most. In order to prevent these types of events from being put on the chopping block, everyone as a community needs to come out and support. More importantly, having Q-Fest allows artists big and small around the community to be heard and exposed while enlightening and culturing us as a community, which is a great thing. So if you are a lover of the arts, know someone who loves the arts, or know an artist (who doesn’t!), come out and support a great cause. You’ll feel better afterwards, I promise.